Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quit Smoking Video

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Don't hate the smokers for smoking. Seriously, you cannot force them into doing something they don't want to do. I, myself, was a smoker and I quited recently. I was treated bad just because I was smoking and people didn't like me just because of it. But no matter what they said, it didn't help me from quitting. The thing is that, I had to realize myself what I was doing, if it was worth it or not and that's why I made my decision to stop smoking. I realized it myself.
By Gichnni

Monday, February 23, 2009

20 Humorous Reasons to Keep Smoking

1. You'd have too much money otherwise.
2. You feel that having more wrinkles makes you more distinguished.
3. No need for aftershave or perfume as no one will smell it over the all-pervasive odour of smoke.
4. You have no sense of taste or smell so you have no need to eat gourmet food.
5. You get plenty of exercise running outside and braving the elements for quick smoke breaks at work.
6. Smoking makes you sexy, right?
7. And what's more you look your best in dimly lit, smoke-filled rooms.
8. Your constant coughing helps friends and loved ones find you easily in a crowd.
9. If you get lost in the wilderness you won't have to rub sticks together to start a fire because you'll be sure to have your lighter with you.
10. You'll never have trouble deciding what items to get duty free.
11. Blowing smoke-rings makes you a hit at parties.
12. You can make extra money filling in at rock concerts when their smoke machine breaks down.
13. You are next in line to guide Santa's sleigh should anything happen to Rudolph.
14. You keep people in the ashtray industry employed.
15. You can safely give people 'the fingers' without anyone objecting.
16. The small holes in your clothes hearken back to the trendy "shotgun wash" days of the eighties.
17. Asking people for a "light" is a good way to pick up members of the opposite sex and you don't have to worry about your mouth smelling foul because they're smokers too.
18. You've spent all the money you would have spent on your retirement plan on cigarettes so it's probably just as well your not going to live as long as everyone else.
19. Lots of film stars smoke in movies so, therefore, by smoking you are naturally increasing your chances of becoming a film star.
20. Because if you didn't smoke you'd be tempted to go back to picking your nose, which was what you used to do to occupy your hands.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Great Reason To Quit Smoking By Willy Krahn

Being able to quit smoking is one of the greatest achievements you will ever have, I know. Smoking addiction is a very tough habit to break so you need a very powerful reason to make yourself want to quit. I don't know what will inspire you to quit smoking but I have a friend named Cindy who has a great story.

Cindy is a single mom from Charlottesville, IN. As a 10 year smoker she was able to find her "ultimate reason" to quit smoking in just a matter of days. Cindy subscribed to an online program and she was also using a nicotine patch to help her with her cravings. One night will she was watching television with her daughter she was given the power to quit smoking forever. During a commercial break her daughter turned to her and told her that she didn't smell like "icky sticks" anymore and then she gave her a big hug. Needless to say, Cindy was beside herself with emotions and she vowed that she would never smell like "icky sticks" again.

I just wanted to share the story in the hopes that more people will be able to find their own reasons to quit smoking. There are a million different reasons to quit smoking so you should have no trouble at all finding one.

Hopefully you have a few specific reasons to be able to help you quit smoking and that is a great start. Your next step now is to figure out your plan of action. I'm sure you have probably heard of people being able to quit smoking "cold-turkey" but this is a very silly approach. It is true that it can be done but the chances of being able to quit smoking this way are very slim.

With all of the products out there guaranteeing their success it is hard to decide which ones are for real. That is why I recommend that you take a serious look around at some programs. If you type in "quit smoking program" into your search engine it will return more than enough web pages for you to be able to make a good decision. I do suggest that whatever program you choose should offer a money-back guarantee. Some programs out there can cost upwards of $200 so they better be able to back it up. Also, keep in mind that this is an investment in you. Unfortunately the only free way to quit smoking is cold-turkey, and the odds are greatly against you. Remember, before this, you were literally lighting your money on fire.

You have the power to quit smoking for the rest of your life and I hope we have been able to help you in some way.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Cannabis smoke contains more toxic chemical products

CANNABIS smokers inhale more than toxic chemical products than those who smoke cigarettes.When cannabis is inhaled directly, marijuana contains 20 times more lung-damaging ammonia and five times as much hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxides than cigarette smoke, a team led by David Moir at Health Canada reports.In Washington DC, approximately 235 000 persons use hashish, and it - most with a breakaway gap the used illegal medicinal mode in a national dial, according to overall review by the Australian Governments Institute of Criminology.
Recent Scientists have started study after detection, that though 4000 toxic chemical products have been enumerated in tobacco to a smoke, no such entry exists for hashish.
Great historians have discovered almost 20 harmful chemical products in hashish extracts. All cannabis toxines have been discovered on higher concentrations than in a cigarette smoke.
Cannabis contains similar carcinogenic agents to tobacco, in the volatile particular organic combinations,” Stephen Spiro of the British Lung Foundation told New Scientist magazine.
“It, they exist in higher similar or even ratios to a tobacco smoke, - large trouble.”
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to quit cannabis

1. One week before you quit, start taking the Basic Supplements.2. Don’t quit cannabis and cigarettes at the same time. Quit one and then quit the other. See Chapter 21 for how to quit cigarettes.3. Take the Mood Prescription (see pg 416). Amongst other things this contains essential fats (especially omega-3), essential for normal mood, motivation and memory (see Chapter 29).4. Most of the withdrawal symptoms have to do with neurotransmitter depletion and imbalance. Since acetylcholine is affected you need more phospholipids, especially phosphatidylcholine. As well as taking the Basic Supplements, which provides some phospholipids, we recommend adding either 2 teaspoonfuls of lecithin or a 1,200mg capsule of lecithin each day for a month and include an egg yolk in your daily diet. 5. If you do feel dopey, tired and unmotivated after quitting, we recommend the Stimulant Prescription (see pg 403) . Among other key nutrients, this contains tyrosine (the amino acid precursor of dopamine and noradrenalin). You’ll need 1,000mg twice a day, taken on waking and either mid-morning or mid-afternoon without food.6. If your main symptoms after quitting are anxiety or irritability and an inability to sleep you may benefit from more 5-HTP or tryptophan, which is in the Sleep Prescription (see pg 397). If you suffer from overactivity, restlessness, poor concentration and impulsivity, take 10mg NADH, 1g of fish oil twice a day, eat unfried oily fish three times a week, and consider hidden (IgG) food allergy testing (see Chapter 14).7. Cannabis affects your blood sugar balance – hence feeling hungry (‘the munchies’). Therefore, it is vital for you to become a master of keeping your blood sugar level even by following our low-GL How to Quit Diet. 8. As you are smoking less, it’s important to stimulate your lungs with some clean air, as well as getting some endorphin-boosting, cortisol-reducing exercise. So, go for walks or jogs outside, gradually building up your endurance.
The most important keys for you to follow are:
• Rebalance Your Brain with Amino Acids (Chapter 7) – here you will find out how your symptoms are all to do with dopamine and opioid shut down and which specific amino acids will get your brain back on track.• Rebuild Your Brain with Essential Fats (Chapter 10) – by optimising your intake of the brain’s essential fats you can help to undo the damage and get your memory and concentration back.• Balance Your Blood Sugar to Gain Energy and Reduce Cravings (Chapter 11) – by learning how to eat to keep your blood sugar, and your energy level even, you’ll have less cravings for cannabis.
What to expect 30 days laterIt takes, on average, about 30 days to recover and normalise your brain’s chemistry and blood sugar balance. If you’ve been using a variety of addictive substances for years, our advice would be to stick to this kind of recovery programme for at least 90 days.
Otherwise, provided your Scale of Abstinence Symptoms Severity score has dropped by two-thirds (see Chart Your Progress on page 26), stop the Stimulant Prescription (see pg 403) and the Sleep Prescription (see pg 397), but keep taking the Basic Supplements. By now you’ll know the effects of the other temporary supplements such as tyrosine and 5-HTP. Reduce or stop these according to your need.


Quit Smoking for ever as it's name implies is a guide to smokers on how to quit smoking for ever and never to get back to it.